5 Steps To Clutter Free Living

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This time of year, spring pollen coats your car and you can easily brush it away for a better view of the road. Dealing with clutter in your home (or life) can be the same way. You can even tackle big messes with a smile if you treat them like pollen on your car. Here are five steps to easily tackle any clutter:

  • Look around. Each time you walk into your space, notice which things make you feel happy and which make you sad, which things you love and which just take up space. Which things belong in a life you love and which need to go?
  • There is no time like the present. If you notice something that no longer belongs, don’t leave it where it is and wait to take action some other day. Walk up to it, appreciate what it may have done for you in the past, and emotionally let it go. Put it in your car or an “outgoing” box.
  • Move it out. Once a day, once a week, or once a month – however often works for you – donate the clutter, sell it or trash it. Keep the clutter moving out. Focus on appreciating what you have and what you love.
  • Even little steps get you there eventually. Clear away a little bit more of what is cluttering your life every day and the things you love will be easier to notice.
  • Eyes on the prize. Remember what matters and keep the cleaning project in perspective. Trash is not the most important thing in your life. Let your focus be on what you love!

Pollen and clutter can remind you of what you don’t want around, so you actively take action to make room for what you do want. Keeping the clutter moving out will clear the view for you to see even the tiniest treasures that every new day can bring.

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A new book! Love in Real Life

I am thrilled to say that my newest book is available! The book, Love in Real Life was released as an ebook today! It’s available at Amazon.
The paperback will be released on Monday, January 19 in celebration of a great speaker of love and community, Martin Luther King, Jr.


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Rainy Day

“Please let me in!” Yep, a rainy day. It’s nice that we can make the world a bit nicer simply by saying yes to someone in need.


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Whatever battles you have faced

Whatever battles you have faced, happy Veterans Day to you. And to the armed forces, peace and gratitude for the freedom and justice you stand for.    

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With a date like 11/11

With a date like 11/11, today is bound to be interesting. 1 is symbolic of unity, of beginning. All those 1s is a great reminder of our connection to each other and the power we have to create our own lives. What will you create today?    

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…and the sunrise in the east. A new day!

…and the sunrise in the east. A new day!


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The moonset over fall colors after a magical night

The moonset over fall colors after a magical night. The clouds blew in every direction, like angels dancing with the moon.


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Lower clouds heading north

Tonight’s incredible full moon. Lower clouds heading north and upper clouds headed south and a rainbow halo framing the moonlit scene in the dark night sky. The beauty of opposites working in harmony together.


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What's drives you when you first meet someone…

Researching for an upcoming book: What’s drives you when you first meet someone – appearance or personality?    

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The little doggie in the window

The little doggie in the window dreams of being a foo dog with his own pumpkin- the foo dogs dream of having fur and a warm house. While we dream, let us also enjoy what we have.


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