The Victor Way

20111216TVWFrontBookCoverXSFind your victor way and create a life you love every moment of every day.

Each of us has unique life experiences that bring us to forks in the road. We all have stories to tell. While we once may have suffered and told stories of our pain, by finding our own victor way we can move forward with ease, joy and gratitude.

The author, Leah Cole, uses her own life as an example of how you can improve yours. With each story and each exercise she helps you move past pain and into your full potential.

    • Find and embrace personal power
    • Receive the gifts of relationship
    • Release painful memories
    • Move through illness and suffering
    • Build happiness through daily life choices
  • And more!

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Reader Comments

“Leah Cole wrote a gem of a book! She takes the reader on an intimate journey toward self understanding, self acceptance and joy. This journey is threaded with critical concepts, vividly personal stories and creative and practical exercises. Her compassion and wisdom facilitate the journey to self understanding…”

Liz Berney, Ph.D., Organizational Psychologist, Consultant, Speaker

What’s Special About This Book?

The Victor Way is a tool to build your joy and fulfillment in the midst of a changing world. There is no need to be a victim to anyone or any circumstance. Instead, you can use the changes forced by life events to live fully in your power.

Change is a catalyst for creating new choices, and every choice you make is a building block for your life. Your intent to create a life you love while you make choices is your power.

Your choice to embrace your victor way is the beginning of a wonderful adventure to enhance your experience of life as your own beautiful creation. The ideas and visualizations within the book are helpful tools that can be customized for your faith and personal preferences.


Hear Leah’s Visualizations from The Book

Do you like the idea of living as a victor but don’t like to read books? No worries! Visualizations from the book are available as singles or as a CD at Tunecore.


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