Love in Real Life


No matter where or how you live, you can have love in your life!

With passion, plain-talking, and a good dose of humor, Leah Cole’s newest book, Love in Real Life, delivers teachings of love that are realistic and practical enough for the toughest situations.

This book was born from the journeys of real people and is filled with the wisdom of lovers throughout time. Love, like your potential, is limitless. This book is the beginning of your journey to incredible love, success and happiness. With Love in Real Life you will:

  • Have love in your life every day, no matter what
  • Experience your infinite capacity for love
  • End unpleasant relationship and behavior patterns
  • Identify the characteristics of your desired life partners
  • Become the love you seek
  • Reduce your experience of loneliness
  • Increase success and happiness in all areas

Preview the book and buy it on Amazon!

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