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Author Statement

Leah Cole is a creative who enjoys writing, marketing strategy, fine art, and building renovation. She draws on her diverse experiences in business, travel, and thriving in daily life to nurture community in a refreshing and approachable way. She is the mother of two and writes books for her children’s future benefit and entertainment.

Leah’s writing began in 1999 with blogs and articles for travel websites. As her journey continued, she wrote the books Happy Renovating, The Victor Way, and most recently Love in Real Life. In addition to writing books, Leah started blogging as LeahColeLive and NotesOnLove in 2011.

The grounding for Leah’s creative endeavors is her experience in client liaison, product development and project management for customer loyalty companies with large clients in the financial services, lodging, and retail industries. She also is rooted by her contributions to community as a marketing strategist and mentor for small businesses and a volunteer on boards and committees for non-profit organizations. Leah is a certified PMP through the Product Management Institute.


Leah’s mission is to encourage choices that nurture both the individual and the greater community.


It is an artist’s duty to create responsibly. A creation that starts as the self-expression of one person can impact the lives of many.

Artist Statement

Leah Cole’s oil paintings explore the nature of reality beyond what is immediately visible. Within the pastoral scenes, Cole investigates the relationship between spirituality and science. She uses the energetic and emotional strokes of palette knife and brush to meet the undefinable and dance within apparent stillness. The paintings playfully depict the unseen within and around the seen. They examine the tension of desire that blossoms into an experience of life.

Leah’s Dance of Energy sculptures also explore the balance between the seen and unseen in delicate and beautiful ways. She uses metal, glass and beading to create objects that dance with the light. As the sculptures move, shadows form and play with them. The darkness and light flow together in a seemingly random way, but as in life, there is a purpose to their dance. Leah playfully calls them ‘Joy Sifters’. Pieces from the Dance of Energy Series have been displayed in galleries and private collections in the USA and the United Kingdom since 2004.

Leah Cole holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University. She also researched artistic traditions and techniques used by different peoples while traveling abroad and living on four different continents. She is the author of three books. In her art and writing, she explores the relationships between ancient wisdom, modern science, and the species of the world. The end goal? Encouraging choices that nurture the individual as part of a greater community.

Leah Cole uses her artwork, her words and her actions to raise awareness of our potential for love, happiness and connection. The diversity of her interests helps to keep her grounded and acts as a well of inspiration. She considers every moment and every being around her to be partners in the mystical dance of life. Her artwork reflects her own life experiences. She says, “Whether beautiful or ugly, it’s all part of the adventure.”

Building Blocks

2015 – Love in Real Life published

2013 – The Victor Way Visualizations released

2012 – The Victor Way published

2010 – Happy Renovating published

2009 – Graduated from Spirit School of the Intuitive Arts

2008 – Present – Certified PMP through the Project Management Institute

2001 – Certified as Reiki practitioner by Don Beckett in Bali, Indonesia

2000s – Present – Lived on four continents and traveled the world. Consulted for businesses and non-profits, volunteered, renovated homes, parented, created books and art. Trained with spiritual masters, healers and intuitives. Studied world cultures and religions

1990s – Rapidly climbed through corporate hierarchy. Starting briefly in customer service and advancing into account management, product management, product development and finally into leadership roles

1991 – Bachelor of Fine Arts – Virginia Commonwealth University – Interdisciplinary Studies with additional emphasis in Psychology and Sociology

Work with Leah

If you would like Leah to visit your group or would like a private phone session, please visit the Contact page.

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Notes On Love- www.notesonlove.com, also on facebook – A source for love and inspiring articles, meditations and ideas.

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